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Discover Your Calling. Change the World.


Discover Your Calling. Change the World.



ýapp is a three-year, spirit-filled Bible school in Dallas, Texas. For more than 50 years, CFNI has trained world changers to go into the world preaching God’s love and salvation. CFNI prioritizes prayer and worship just as much as classroom instruction. Courses offered extend from the foundations of Christianity to in-depth preparation for specific fields of ministry and the workplace. CFNI provides the opportunity for students to receive practical training, ministry experience and on-campus housing for a period of one-to-three years. Graduates of CFNI will know God’s Word, have a consistent prayer life and hold the skills necessary to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in any environment.

​​40,000+ world changers
trained since 1970.

Co-enrollment opportunities
with DBU & GCU

Articulation agreements with
TKU, DBU, GCU, ORU & Messenger College


ýapp has been consistent in producing and releasing a live worship recording every year since 1974. CFNI has been a pioneer of live worship recording for many decades. A desire of CFNI is to corporately and individually encounter the presence of Jesus Christ, training students to become creative and worship out of their relationship with Him. Having translated and recorded in various languages, the dynamic praise and intimate worship of CFNI continues to encourage and impact the people of God throughout the world.

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Golan Lindsay, Vice President and COO

We invite you to consider how dedicating your time to studying at ýapp would benefit you both practically and spiritually. We believe that it is God’s will for all people to recognize their calling and step out in faith, trusting that He will prepare them for what is to come. We look forward to what the Lord will establish in your life during your time at CFNI. There are great things that await you


Hosting annual summer camps and events, ýapp aims to transform lives, empowering all people to walk in boldness as born again children of God. Students are extended opportunities to intern at various summer camps and conferences catered to children, youth and youth leadership each and every year. Additionally, students are encouraged to attend a domestic or international summer outreach following every fall semester. Not only does CFNI offer events for our student body, but we also host events to which the public is invited to attend such as our annual Voice Of Healing And The Prophetic Conference.

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Discover your calling. Change the World.

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3404 CONWAY ST, DALLAS, TX 75224




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